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Eco D Wash - the Eco Friendly Vehicle Specialist
Welcome to Eco D Wash, the Waterless, Eco-friendly, Car-Wash Product manufacturer and worldwide distributor.

We are the manufacturer and distributor of the amazing Eco D Wash waterless, car-cleaning product, which is taking the world by storm!
Never before has car-cleaning been faster, more eco-friendly (not a drop of water is required to wash a car!!) and more fun (no water, no mess!!).

Our product is used extensively throughout South Africa: Nissan Global (Pretoria), Ford Global (Pretoria), Renault Global (Pretoria), McCarthy Toyota (Pretoria), Hyundai (Pretoria), Mc Carthy Toyota (Pretoria), Emperors Palace (Johannesburg), Umhlange Plaza (Durban), Harley Davidson, Easy Ride (Pretoria), Cleardata Trucks (South Africa).

South Africa has been declared critically in need of water conservation at the South African National Water Crisis Convention on the 14 February 2011, in Sandton. Read the full article about South Africa's water crisis on Times LIVE.

Eco D was responsible for the cleaning of all vehicles for the United Nations COP17.

United Nations Presidential Fleet, the only waterless product in the world to have cleaned the vehicle of every Head of State in attendance at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) Conference of the Parties (COP 17) water crisis convention in Durban 2011

With our innovative system, and the use of Eco D Wash as supplied by us, there is:


  • No water required
  • No buckets
  • No hoses
  • No noisy jet wash machines
  • No mess


A totally waterless washing and polishing system - for the consumer, distributor, national supplier, car-valeting service providers, car rental providers, car dealerships and fleet owners.


Our product and our waterless valeting service, is compatible with conventional car washing systems, with the exception that we save litres and litres of water and deliver excellent results in substantially less time.