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Can you assure me that it will not scratch my car?

The product cannot scratch. When the product is sprayed onto the bodywork, it lifts dust and grit particles down to a size smaller than visible to the human eye, each particle is enveloped in polish. When dry, you wipe the Eco D Wash off, every dust particle is forced onto the cleaning cloth and your wiping action puts polish, and only polish onto the bodywork

Can I only use it on my Car?

Applications where fresh water is at a premium, such as onboard a yacht, or at a caravan park, will be ideally served by Eco D Wash. As will motorcycles (motor bikes), the compound will NOT sit in trapped recesses, and turn highly polished engine casings and their various nuts and bolts rusty..

Can it be used on alloys?

Yes. Eco D Wash is non-acidic, so even if you miss wiping off a bit of Eco D Wash there is no damage to the alloys.

Can I use it safely on my caravan's acrylic/Perspex windows?

Yes, it can safely be used on acrylic/Perspex windows.

What effect will it have on the windscreen?

Eco D Wash cleans windows brilliantly.

How does it work?

Difficult to explain in words alone, please click here to see a graphical illustration explaining our secrets!

How many washes can I get from a litre?

Car washes per litre - 10 on average sized vehicle. You will tend to use too much first time, which is just human nature. After you see the results you will use less next time, and it will prove very economical.

Will it damage the paint work?

Our product washes AND polishes every time you use it. Lets be honest, few of us polishes the car after every wash. But with Eco D Wash you do every time you wash your car. The traditional bucket, sponge, and hosepipe will leave salt residues (from the washing liquid and minerals in the water) on the bodywork, whereas Eco D Wash leaves a layer of protective polish, protecting the paintwork, not damaging it with salt and other additives.

My cars have wax polish on them. What effect does the product have on existing waxed surfaces?

Can be waxed over without any effect. This is what the professional valeters who use our product do. Eco D Wash is not a T cut so it does not cut and remove paint. It lifts of the dirt and polishes the surface off the car.

Does wax work effectively on top of your finish?

Yes, but not required. Eco D Wash leaves the surface polished. When you have finished, just pour some water over the bonnet afterwards and witness the droplets of water held by the polished surface.

How does it protect compared to wax?

The very best quality polishes/waxes will typically last an average of 8 days if the vehicle is used regularly, whereas the polish in Eco D Wash will last an averae of 20 days. However, you apply polish every time you wash with Eco D Wash, as our cleaning product has a built-in polish. Everytime your vehicle is washed with Eco D Wash, it is automatically polished.

What effect does it have on the environment compared to a traditional bucket and sponge?

This is when Eco D Wash comes into its own. Simply, there is no wastage of water. No water is washed down the drains. When washing in the conventional way with soap there are surfactants in the soaps which are washed into the storm drainage system. Storm drain water is not cleaned in sewage plants it is fed into rivers, where they could cause damage to plants and river life.

Can I wash the cleaning cloths and use them again?

Yes - There is no waste with Eco D Wash. Simply wash the cloths at up to 40°C. They come out looking brand new.

How do I get in the nooks and crannies?

We suggest that you spray Eco D Wash on the cloth and rub the cloth on the part you wish to wash and polish.

Can it be used on glassfibre (GRP) bodywork?

Yes, it can be used on painted GRP.