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Home Eco D Wash Using Dry Wash
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Directions: Shake well before use.


Step 1:

Spray surface lightly with Eco D Wash, working on small areas e.g. bonnet wing, door etc.


Step 2:

Spread with a soft cloth, leave product on surface for 30 seconds.


Step 3:

Simply wipe off Eco D Wash with a clean cloth. The finished surface is now washed and polished.


Helpful Hints

  • In very hot weather it is better to work on small areas at a time.
  • Do not spray on excessive amounts of Eco D Wash.
    • For best result use two microfibre cloths, one for cleaning and one for buffing.
    • Eco D Wash can be used under direct sunlight. However, it will dry very quickly in which case we advise that you work on smaller areas.
  • When washing small areas, or near rubber trim, spray Eco D Wash onto the cleaning cloth then apply to the area being washed. This will avoid spraying onto black unpainted trims or on tyres.
  • During washing, shake the bottle, this will keep the Eco D Wash well mixed and produce consistent results.
  • Eco D Wash will remove caked on mud. More than the normal amount of the product will be needed. Shake the cloth frequently to remove any dirt that has been captured in the cloth.
  • When using the cloths available through this website, use the first cloth (microfibre towel) to apply Eco D Wash and the second microfibre towel for polishing off Eco D Wash.
  • If the first/application cloth becomes dirty, shake cloth well, away from car. This will remove any collected particles/dirt.