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We are very conscious of the effect modern cleaning products have on our environment. Eco D Wash helps protect the environment in a number of ways.

Eco Friendly

  • We save 180 litres of water per vehicle cleaned on average.
  • No Surfactants (detergents) are washed into the storm drains and then into the rivers.
  • No harm to marine life.
  • Can be used on a greenfield site.
  • Fleets save petrol, money, depreciation and down time by using our products.

Car Washing Restrictions

The product uses no water (other than that in the compound) and puts no harmful surfactants (soap suds and salt) down the drains, and into the water system. Parts of Germany and the USA already have restrictions relating to the use of water for vehicle washing. In California for example, the washing of any detergents from vehicle cleaning into the water system is forbidden, and these types of restrictions will evolve further as the demands of modern life place a growing pressure upon our water systems.

South Africa has been declared critically in need of water conservation at the South African National Water Crisis Convention on the 14 February 2011, in Sandton. Read the full article about South Africa's water crisis on Times LIVE

Amount of Water Used

  • Washing your car with a hosepipe can use more than 90 litres per wash.
  • Washing your car with a bucket and sponge can use over 10 litres.
  • Eco D Wash uses no water.